Owner - Owner Testimonials

Our owners have a lot to say...and we appreciate their feedback.  

Given we live thousands of miles away from our Vermont home, Skyrun's Kathleen Adams has been a Godsend, providing timely and courteous home management and rental services. She's done an excellent job renting our home year 'round, and has secured bookings even in slow seasons. She goes out of her way to address problems promptly on our behalf in order to ensure a pleasant stay for our guests. Upon visiting the house this past summer, we were pleased to find it as we had left it, spotless with everything in its original place. She is very flexible with our needs and expectations and makes a wonderful business partner. We have no reservations what-so-ever in recommending her to interested homeowners."

- Ruth Newell

First and foremost, using SkyRun has drastically improved the profitability of our rental property over other managers we have used in the past.
- Sam and Ann Winslow

It's been our pleasure entrusting our property to the SkyRun team. Straight forward and easy to work with, they make owning a second home easy and stress free. They have been responsive, flexible and have continued to innovate in a manner that has consistently generated great revenue and great results for my property.
- Gino Marala

SkyRun is available 24x7. They treat you as an individual and treat my property, as it was their own. They are property owners themselves and it shows.
- Mike Thoms

We've been really happy with SkyRun. They are getting us a lot more rentals than I thought we would get in this area. We are getting renters from all over the country and in all seasons.
- JP Lederach 

Call us at 802-760-6917 Option 4 (owner services) or email us at vermont@skyrun.com